Marriage Ceremony

Essendon Weddings

Our Grand Barn is fully licensed to hold Civil Ceremonies & Partnerships allowing you to host your special day from start to finish with us. Held on our mezzanine level overlooking the entire venue there is no better place to share your ceremony with chosen friends and family.

Looking for something more informal? A Blessing held by a celebrant/friend or family member can also be accommodated here at Essendon, along with renewal of vows. However you choose to affirm your marriage or celebration, the Grand Barn is the perfect spot for such a special moment in life.

Giving Notice

Essendon Country Club works in partnership with Hatfield Registry office in order to offer Civil Ceremonies and all registrar fees are additional to any prices Essendon quotes.

For exact pricing on registrar fees & how to register to give notice please contact Hatfield Registry office on 0300 123 4045 or


ceremony bridge

Food at Essendon

We offer a wide range of delicious menus to suit all tastes and cater specifically for dietary requirements & allergies. A complimentary menu tasting is offered to the Bride & Groom, along with a wine tasting prior to the big day!